Solving Problems With You

Facing a difficult API? Something just not working right? Figuring out how to accomplish your goals with no-code?

We work with you using live Zoom calls and screensharing, focused on helping you make progress. At the end, you have your problem solved and the knowledge for doing it again. No more "who the heck made this?" The answer will be you.

We have Helped Hundreds of People, Businesses and Organizations Make Progress

Our clients span from government agencies to startup businesses to solo professionals.
[Read what they have to say about us.]

5 / 5

Great job again. Got it done. I like the way you are eager to not just fix the immediate bug, but see how this can generate something useful. Little things like formatting the csv file and removing DOS spacers are helpful and would be difficult for me to figure out.

E. Falkenstein
5 / 5

Ray could be an actual genius. Amazing at working through things on the fly and explaining how they work and suggesting improvements. Thank you for all your help!

Roc Stevenson
5 / 5

Ray was great, helping me to understand database relationships while I grapple with the complexity of getting my Figma and Bravo design to talk to Xano. Highly recommended.

Paul Gill
5 / 5

I cannot recommend Ray enough. He is more expensive than some of the other mentors I have worked with, but I think he winds up being a lot cheaper. He grasps what I am trying to do very quickly. He is able to understand my spaghetti code quickly (I am a new programmer). And he provides multiple suggestions with pros and cons, along with fantastic explanations.

Gregg Squire
5 / 5

Ray not only helps me find solutions, but instead of racing to the answer (and don't worry he is a quick problem solver), he demonstrates why things work and what variables hold what. His explanations mean I am also growing as a developer. Highly recommended!

Jordan Belafonte
5 / 5

High level teacher. Ray gave me an overview of the way I was approaching my project and kept me from reinventing the wheel. So much better than someone just doing what I said and wasting my time and money. Ray knows shortcuts, pay attention.

Bernard L. Richter
5 / 5

I wasted hours (30'ish), trying to solve an image upload challenge. Ray not only new what to look for, what to ask, but also did some scouting on the SaaS provider I was connecting to Xano. He knew what to do, how to do it, and answered all, ALL, my questions.

Eddy M.

Hourly Rates

Simple and based on time you actually use


Tim Moody

Experienced Customer Success Professional

Fully Booked
Fully Booked

    Jerry Harrison

    Senior Developer and Fractional CTO


      Ray Deck

      20 Year Founder, CTO and teacher


        Case Study: Hello Picnic

        Helping a hardware-based series A startup enable their pre-orders. They had design and implementation: what they needed was functionality and integration.

        Enabling E-Commerce

        Activated e-commerce on their Webflow site and configure for their particular set of products

        Automating Workflows

        Connected to Stripe, Zapier, Hubspot and more so the right parts of their business knew about the orders and could follow up for fulfillment

        Cost: Under $8,000

        Under 30 hours of consulting over two weeks. 40% research and preparing a prototype, 60% working with the client via Zoom.

        Amazing results
        Let the designers do their work
        Senior management was impressed!


        How much does it cost?

        We bill on based on the minutes of our time you actually use. Almost all of our engagements are mostly online with you. Sometimes we do some homework or setup on your behalf, but this has always been less than half of the engagement.

        When do I get invoiced?

        At the end of the call you will receive an invoice by email based on the time used. You can pay that online using card or ACH.

        Is there a refund policy?

        If you decide we are not helping you in the first 15 minutes, call it and we will waive the cost of the call. Our interest is in helping you make progress.

        How do I know you can help me?

        When does the clock start on billing?

        The time for billing starts at the appointed time or when we connect, in the case of an ad-hoc call.

        When does the clock stop on billing?

        At the conclusion of our call, either the end of the Zoom or whichever mechanism we use. Your bill will include that start and stop time.

        How long is an engagement - how many hours will this be?

        It depends! We try to be very efficient with your time, but some problems take more time and iterations to figure out. We pride ourselves on getting to the root of the hard problems and helping you to a solution that saves tim, increases revenues - or both! All that said, our longest engagement was about 25 billable hours and our shortest was 5 minutes.

        Is there a cancellation policy?

        We do this one session at a time. If you need to reschedule or cancel with at least a day's notice, you can do that with the link provided at the time you book the appointment. If you schedule a slot then cancel the day of a scheduled session, you will be responsible for that one session cost - like a "chair fee" at the doctor or dentist.

        Ready for your Coaching?

        Apply for a coaching session today.

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