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Our team delivers results. Let's learn a little about them.

Tim Moody

Tim has a nearly a decade of experience in software development and customer success. He has brought his special sauce of "just enough code" to startups, major financial institutions, and Fortune 500 retailers around the world. He has successfully worked in revenue-expanding initiatives at US Bank, Google, Express, and many others.


Refactored is a YouTube channel where Tim educates thousands of subscribers on technical subjects in his signature entertaining style.


Jerry Harrison

Jerry Harrison is a seasoned CTO who leverages his 18 years of technical expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen to build products that customers love. He works alongside non-technical founders and stakeholders to source the right technology to build their vision. Whether you’re just starting out developing proof of concept or scaling up, he can help fill in the gaps that make all the difference between an MVP and a profitable business in a fraction of the time that it would take using traditional approaches.

Ray Deck

Ray has 20 years of experience in CTO, Founder, and consulting roles across a variety of industries. Trained as a data scientist, Ray has applied solutions in fields as diverse as fintech, mobile development, and artificial intelligence. Ray has consistently delivered for clients.

Sustained Writing

Ray sends a new essay each week via his newsletter, Sustained Writing. He discusses topics on finance, product management, and the business of software. Some his most popular essays include "The Fifth Source of Capital," "Time To Magic" and "The Evolving No-Code Mental Model."

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