A Guide to Testing and Deploying FlutterFlow Apps onto Physical Devices and Handling Token Expiration in Xano

the summary of the meeting is as follows:

The participants in the meeting discussed how to run a Flutterflow app on a physical device for testing native functionality like push notifications. They shared their experiences and provided documentation on how to set up testing on mobile devices. They also discussed how to connect push notifications to Xano so that it can trigger actions in response to the notifications. They explained the process of obtaining the FCM token and storing it in Xano for sending notifications to the device. They also shared their function stack for handling the notification messages. The participants also discussed the expiration of tokens and how to handle the automatic logout of users. They shared their approach of creating a refresh token API in Xano to generate new authentication tokens before the expiration. They also demonstrated how to handle expired tokens in Flutterflow by checking the token creation date and logging out the user if the token is expired. Overall, the meeting provided insights into setting up Flutterflow apps on physical devices, connecting push notifications to Xano, and handling token expiration and automatic logout in Flutterflow.

(Source: Office Hours Extra - Flutterflow 12/30 )

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