Analyzing and Troubleshooting Background Task Errors

In the meeting, the State Changers discuss an issue with a background task that is causing an error related to math functions. They review the code and identify that the error may be caused by null values in the weight variable. They suggest adding a check for null values or setting a default value of 0 for the weight variable.

They then move on to discussing a separate issue with missing players in a list. They review the code and identify that there is a discrepancy between the list of players in the database and the list of players returned from an API call. They suggest checking the logic and formatting of the external ID used to match the players. They consider different approaches, such as using the asset list instead of external IDs and examining the asset ID or image ID. They conclude that further investigation is needed to determine the exact cause of the discrepancy and suggest modifying the code accordingly. Overall, the meeting highlights the importance of debugging and problem-solving skills in identifying and resolving issues in code.

(Source: Office Hours 11/8 )

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