Analyzing and Visualizing Event Seating: Xano API Integration with Bubble

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the progress they have made on their project. They reviewed the code and made some changes to improve functionality. They focused on the show map and show seats functions, parameterizing them to make them more dynamic. They also discussed getting data from Xano and incorporating it into the code. They identified the need for a venue ID and map ID, and discussed how to pass this data into their functions. They also mentioned the possibility of adding a map field to the venue table in order to store the map data for each venue. They considered how to get the event data from Xano and discussed using JavaScript actions in Bubble to accomplish this. They noted the need for further adjustments to the data, particularly with regards to the section and seat IDs. Overall, they made progress in their project and have a clear plan for moving forward.

(Source: Office Hours 6/27 - Setting up event links between bubble and a third party display API )

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