Analyzing Performance Issues and Mobile Optimization for Website

During the meeting, Carrie discusses performance issues with her website and specifically mentions that the Chrome browser is causing some problems. She mentions that the performance score has improved from 12 to 19 to 24, but she is still experiencing fluctuations. Carrie shows some of the elements on her webpage, including images, and mentions that she plans to add more content. She asks for help in turning on dev tools and they examine the network tab to check for any network-related performance issues. They discuss how mobile networks can be unreliable and impact performance, causing differences in performance between mobile and desktop devices. They simulate a slow network speed and observe the impact on performance. The importance of network transactions and their duration is also discussed. They consider splitting the website into a marketing site and an application to prioritize performance based on user experience. The suggestion is made to move the website to Webflow if performance is a concern. The effectiveness of the above-the-fold content is noted and the possibility of optimizing images to improve performance is mentioned. The conversation touches on using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology for better performance and the suggestion is made to seek feedback from others to assess the subjective experience of the website's performance. Overall, the meeting focuses on identifying performance issues, understanding the impact of network speed, and exploring potential solutions to improve the website's performance.

(Source: Office Hours 2/7 )

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