Analyzing Performance Issues with the Weweb Editor

The meeting participants discussed an issue with the Weweb editor's performance. The State Changer mentioned that copying and pasting a specific element multiple times caused the number of DOM elements to increase drastically, leading to poor performance. They also mentioned that applying conditional rendering to certain elements reduced the number of DOM elements and improved performance. They showed examples of how the number of DOM elements increased to over a million and then settled around 700,000. The State Changer expressed frustration with the editor crashing and suggested that throwing more resources at the problem might not be a solution. They also discussed the idea of restructuring the workspace into multiple pages to improve performance. The participants explored the DOM elements hierarchy and tried to identify the parts that were causing the performance issue. They discussed the possibility of removing certain elements to see if it improved performance and mentioned the memory-intensive nature of Lottie. They also briefly discussed the concept of single-page applications and how the Weweb editor is designed to provide a visual editor for such applications. The participants acknowledged that finding the root cause of the performance issue was challenging and expressed a desire for further communication with the Weweb team to find a resolution.

(Source: Office Hours 9/11/2023 )

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