Analyzing the Webflow and Wized Integration

In this meeting, the participants (referred to as State Changers) are discussing an issue with a website called Webflow. The main issue revolves around a JavaScript script called "Wized" that is not displaying as expected on the website. The participants explore the code and try to find potential solutions.

It seems that there is an issue with the translation calculations in the JavaScript code, as it is not displaying the content correctly. The participants discuss the possibility of duplicating elements, incorrect offsetting, and incorrect math calculations. They suggest trying different methods to resolve the issue, such as modifying the translate3d property or changing the code class names. They also discuss the possibility of running the JavaScript code in Webflow or using a separate code editor called Fiddle. The participants examine the DOM and inspect various elements to understand the structure and behavior of the website. They analyze the code and make adjustments to fix the problems, such as editing the translate3d values and changing class names. The meeting concludes with a suggestion to compare the original HTML structure of the website in Webflow with the modified code running on top of it. The participants suggest turning off the JavaScript to see if the original HTML displays correctly without any script interference. This will help identify any discrepancies and determine if the issues stem from the scripts or the base HTML structure.

(Source: Office Hours 10/26 )

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