Auditing Trades and Player Status in Database

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the topic of trades and the need for an audit log. One participant realized they had already accounted for trades but had not done the audit log. They asked about how to handle players that get released and no longer have a job. The audit log was described as a way to track changes and history but not considered essential. The primary focus is on the current state of the player table. The participant confirmed they have an "include" field to represent whether a player is on a team or not. The audit log was explained as a way to track the mechanics of changes to the primary state table rather than providing intelligent insights. It was suggested to update the "include" field to false when a player is no longer on a team. The participant then asked if there were any other questions before the weekend and mentioned their busy lifestyle of work and homeschooling their children. They concluded by asking one final question, but the content of this question is not provided.

(Source: Office Hours 11/4 )

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