Authentication Integration with Weweb, Flutterflow, and Firebase

During the meeting, the State Changer expressed questions about using a JWT token to authenticate with other back-end softwares and SDKs. They mentioned wanting to integrate a tool called Weweb three auth within Flutterflow and asked if they should integrate it with Zeno as well. They mentioned not having a tech background but having a developer to assist them.

The State Changer shared information about Weweb three auth, describing it as a non-custodial wallet service that provides account abstractions for accessing wallets based on other logins. They also mentioned two ways of authenticating with such services: federated sign-in (like sign-in with Google) and client credentials authentication (server-to-server communication). They discussed the possibility of needing the user's consent to access their data and recommended using the auth authorization code Webflow for that purpose. Regarding integration with Firebase, the State Changer mentioned that Weweb three auth combines Firebase authentication with web three off. They were unsure whether to use the Weweb three auth SDKs to link it to Firebase or integrate it within Flutterflow. They expressed their limitations in understanding the technical aspect and suggested discussing the specific requirements and goals when they have access to their computer. The meeting concluded with the State Changer proposing handing off the discussion to another participant and suggesting a follow-up discussion once they have access to their computer.

(Source: Office Hours 12/29 )

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