Automating Authentication Tokens with Xano: Best Practices and Token Refreshes

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed automating authentication token generation and management using Xano. Nathan shared his workflow, where he pulls the authentication token from Xano and creates a variable for it. He also mentioned using the user auth ID for specific API calls and saving the Xano ID for referencing users. However, he made a mistake by not persisting the Xano auth token, resulting in users getting logged out. He advised making the token persistent and adding a Time to Live (TTL) to determine its expiration. TTL refers to how long the token will last, with banking apps typically having a shorter duration. Nathan also mentioned using a token refresh pattern to update the token when users log in or engage with the app. Overall, the discussion focused on token management and best practices for ensuring a smooth authentication experience.

(Source: Office Hours Extra: FlutterFlow Auth and Push Notifications )

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