Building a Front-End and Back-End Solution for Fantasy Sports Statistics using Xano and API Integration

In this meeting, the participant is discussing their progress with using Xano to build a front end tool. They have found a solution to a problem they were facing and now want to discuss how to adjust the back end. They share their screen to show the tool they have created and explain how they solved a specific issue regarding passing data. They also explain their goal of creating a fantasy statistics tool and the logic behind it. They discuss how to mimic a table in Xano and ask about using a list of references without referencing another table. The helpful participant explains that it is possible to use a stand-alone approach without referencing another table and provides guidance on using arrays and creating a sum product. They also address concerns about using Xano as a platform, emphasizing the company's recent successful funding round and the benefits of using Xano to increase velocity and reduce reliance on engineering resources. Finally, they suggest bridging a conversation between the participant's engineering manager and someone at Xano to address any concerns and provide further reassurance.

(Source: Office Hours 9/9 )

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