Building a User Interface for Data Visualization and Investment Presentation

In this meeting, the participants discuss the different components of a data analysis and presentation tool. They talk about the importance of being able to display the data in a simple and visually appealing way, using charts and graphs. They also discuss the possibility of integrating with existing reporting systems like Tableau or Domo, instead of creating a separate front-end UI. The participants emphasize the value of providing an Excel plugin that allows users to input their data and generate outputs without the risk of breaking their models. They agree that the focus should be on the analytics engine and minimizing the profile of the collection, analysis, and reporting aspects. The participants also mention the importance of market knowledge and understanding the specific needs of analysts and associates in organizations. They discuss using tools like Capital IQ or FactSet for data sourcing and being able to replace the heavy lifting of preliminary information with their tool. Finally, they touch on the idea of using someone else's UI to maximize the impact of their strengths and reduce friction in areas where they are weak. They highlight the importance of demonstrating their tool's capabilities and ease of use by showing how it works in Excel and providing users with an Excel plugin. Overall, the meeting focuses on finding a solution that meets the needs of analysts and associates in terms of data analysis and presentation.

(Source: Office Hours 8/8/23 )

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