Building an API Signature with Xano for Amazon's Product API

In this meeting, the participants discussed the process of building a signature for an API, specifically Amazon's product API. They went through the steps of creating a canonical request, generating a string to sign, and calculating the signature. However, they encountered some issues with the date format and the service value. They discussed the importance of the date being in UTC format and made changes to the code accordingly. They also compared their API request with an example from Amazon and noticed some differences in the order of headers and the inclusion of the service value. The participants mentioned the possibility of using fetch or axios to compose web requests in order to have more control over the process. They also discussed the idea of trying the curl command on a different platform, such as a Mac, to see if it yields different results. Overall, they made progress in debugging the issues and planned to continue working on them in the future.

(Source: Office Hours 8/19 )

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