Building an Automated Data Pipeline with Xano and API Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a matrix-based problem related to an API endpoint. The participant, At, explained that they have an API endpoint with different inputs and a count output. They have already implemented a working API call that returns the desired results. However, they want to optimize the process by building a matrix and automating the input generation.

The conversation mainly focused on understanding At's existing code and making improvements. The State Changers reviewed the code and discussed how they could optimize it. They identified some issues, such as missing input values and the need to retrieve data from the matrix. They also addressed concerns about the order in which the data was being processed. The group discussed potential solutions, such as adding missing input values and ensuring that all necessary data was being captured and stored in the accounts table. They also explored options for iterating through the matrix and running the custom function for each item. Throughout the meeting, the State Changers provided guidance and suggestions to At, helping them understand and rectify the issues in their code. They also discussed potential next steps, such as further debugging and testing. Overall, the meeting focused on helping At optimize their code and achieve their goal of automatically generating inputs from a matrix. The State Changers provided valuable insights and guidance to At, ensuring that they were on the right track towards solving their problem.

(Source: Office Hours 8/3/2023 )

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