Building Complex Calculators and Logic with Xano and Wized

In this meeting, the State Changer is seeking guidance on how to approach a complex calculator project for a client. They have previously built a simple calculator using Xano, but now they are unsure of how to handle a more complex project with VLOOKUPs and multiple formulas. The State Changer suggests using a more robust platform like Thano and asks how to handle math in SQL.

The other State Changer explains that often, the math doesn't need to be done in SQL. The SQL request can be used to pull data, and the math can be done separately. The idea of moving calculations to SQL is based on the efficiency of reducing round trips. They suggest following the principle of making it work, then making it fast, then making it pretty. The important thing is to first get it functioning correctly, and then optimize for speed if needed. The conversation then shifts to understanding the logic behind the complex spreadsheet and how it can be translated into a database structure. They discuss how VLOOKUPs can be replaced with SQL queries to retrieve data from tables or variables. The State Changer suggests treating variables and math as the inputs for functions, and using tables or lookup tables to handle data retrieval. They advise reconstructing the spreadsheet one part at a time, starting with the easiest part, to better understand the client's thought process and ease the learning curve. It is emphasized that testing the reconstructed spreadsheet against the original is important, and version control should be used to keep track of changes. The State Changer also suggests charging accordingly for the complexity of the project and considering ongoing fees if they become the linchpin for maintaining the model. Towards the end of the meeting, they discuss referring a potential client to a part-time CTO and the importance of releasing the recording responsibly to avoid exposing client keys. The State Changer requests to review the recording and suggests removing any sensitive information before release. Overall, the meeting focuses on understanding the complex project, breaking it down into manageable parts, and addressing the challenges of translating spreadsheet logic into a database structure.

(Source: Office Hours 10/4 )

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