Capturing and Passing Data Across Multiple Screens in Xano/Weweb Integration

During this meeting, the main discussion revolved around how to pass data from input fields across multiple screens using Zano and the Adalo platform. The participant was unsure about the process of creating new records in Zano using a dialogue 2.0. The facilitator suggested checking if the Kermine endpoint was set up in Zano and demonstrated how to import tables and show the existing setup. They also discussed the possibility of capturing emails as users progress through the screens, and the facilitator suggested using page parameters to pass data from one screen to the next. They mentioned a best practices video in the Adalo community forum that could be helpful and highlighted the need to experiment with new solutions. Another participant shared their experience building an app with Adalo's native database and the challenges they faced when it came to maintaining state. They recommended using the built-in feature of connecting buttons to pass information between screens. The facilitator advised linking the "continue" buttons to carry data forward and suggested reviewing the settings of the create button at the end of the chain to access the form fields and perform the create action. They concluded the meeting by encouraging the participant to try out the suggested approach and seek further support in future office hours sessions.

(Source: Office Hours 5/18 )

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