Challenges in managing state and retrieving specific data in a Weweb application

In this meeting, the State Changers are discussing challenges they are facing on their front end. They mention difficulties with state management and fetching data from a collection. They discuss ways to navigate between different sections and how refreshing the page affects the data. They explore options for managing state in a web-based application, such as using the URL to keep track of the current state. They discuss how to fetch a collection and ensure that the data is not lost when refreshing the page. They talk about the possibility of storing state information on the Xano side and using an endpoint to retrieve it when needed. They also consider adding logic to check if a user is already working on a task before assigning them a new one. They talk about updating the URL and implementing workflows on page load to handle these tasks. Finally, they discuss the flow of their application and consider making improvements to ensure users can continue working on the same task after refreshing the page.

(Source: Office Hours 1/4 )

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