Challenges with State Management and Webflow; Using iframes and maintaining integrity in website design

In this meeting, the State Changers, Kamir, David, James, and Bailey, discuss the challenge of maintaining state in Webflow. They mention that Webflow is designed to be static, so it becomes difficult to have state that is not known at load time. They suggest using JavaScript to maintain state or using tools like Zapier to make the generation of JavaScript code a no-code experience. They also mention the possibility of using iframes to embed bubble pages within Webflow to maintain consistency in the website design. The participants discuss the process of embedding bubble pages into Webflow using iframes and recommend stripping out unnecessary elements from the bubble page before embedding. They also mention the possibility of pulling data from Xano into Webflow. The meeting ends with Even discussing his questions about Stripe integration and webhook verification, and James explaining an issue with a function related to time availability.

(Source: Office Hours 11/28 )

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