Choosing between JSON and relational databases for efficient record retrieval and usage

In this meeting, the participants are discussing whether storing sports data in a JSON format is the right approach. The main concern is the efficiency of finding the right record and using the record. It is mentioned that JSON makes it easier to use the record due to its flexibility, but it is not ideal for finding the record because complex data structures cannot be indexed. The suggestion is to repeat the necessary data outside the JSON to enable effective searching and querying. The use of a document model and NoSQL approach is also mentioned as a possible solution. It is emphasized that the goal is to simplify the existing structure and make it easier for the participants to work with the data. The cost of computational efficiency is highlighted, suggesting that it may be more cost-effective to invest in more computational resources rather than spending a lot of time on restructuring the data. The meeting concludes with the recommendation to pay attention to performance and address specific performance issues rather than abandoning the current approach entirely. The participants express gratitude for the discussion and acknowledge Sylvan's patience and availability during the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 4/27 )

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