Choosing the Right Web Development Tool for Customization and Migration

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed various topics related to using Bubble, React, and other tools for building web and mobile applications. The participant mentioned wanting to reproduce their Bubble project in React and asked about the difficulty of the transfer and useful documentation for the process. The State Changers shared their thoughts on the limitations of Bubble for complex customizations and mentioned other tools like Weweb and Xano that might be better suited for such tasks.

They also discussed the advantages of using React and mentioned tools like Locify for converting Figma designs to React code. The State Changers emphasized the importance of choosing a platform that allows for easy customization and extensibility, while also considering factors like security and debugging time. In terms of migrating from Bubble to React, the State Changers suggested that the knowledge gained from working on the Bubble project would be valuable in the migration process. They recommended focusing on transferring knowledge at the point of handoff and not worrying too much about extensive documentation at the early stages. The State Changers also discussed the concept of a "tight development loop," where changes made in the code are quickly reflected in the app, allowing for faster iteration. They mentioned tools like Vite and FlutterFlow that offer such development loops and suggested exploring similar options for React-based development. Finally, the State Changers discussed the options of using Xano and Superbase as backend solutions. They mentioned that Xano provides a more no-code approach with a focus on automations and integrations, while Superbase offers more code-based flexibility and powerful file management capabilities. They also mentioned FastGen as a tool to watch out for in the future. Overall, the meeting provided insights into the considerations and options available when transitioning from Bubble to React and selecting backend solutions for web and mobile development.

(Source: Office Hours 6/23/23 )

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