Comparing Web Components and JavaScript for web development

The State Changers Tony is seeking information about web components and their functionality. He mentions using, which leverages web components, but notes that not all charting libraries support web components. He discusses the need to find services that provide web components or the ability to build them yourself. The conversation touches on the importance of finding solutions that work within your ecosystem and the concept of "round pegs" versus "square holes." The conversation then shifts to the comparison between web components and JavaScript, with the State Changers mentioning that the choice depends on the context and the ability to bring in third-party libraries. They discuss the usefulness of low-code environments that excel in their specific areas and allow for flexibility. The conversation also touches on state management and the challenges of keeping components in sync with changes. Finally, the State Changers agree that understanding JavaScript is essential regardless of the chosen approach.

(Source: Office Hours 8/7/2023 )

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