Compiling Functions and Merging Tranche Schedules

In this meeting, State Changers: Come here discussed various issues related to a function they have created. They received helpful guidance on solving previous problems, and now they have a new problem to discuss. The main issue is that they have a function that compiles multiple functions and generates a debt schedule. They want to know if the processing time of 2.8 seconds is acceptable and whether they should consider optimizing it using Lambda. The suggestion is to focus on making the function work efficiently first and then consider performance optimization. State Changers: Come here also raised a question about aligning the generated schedule by fiscal year instead of the current scheduled basis. They seek clarification on how to organize the tranche schedules and whether they should merge them into a multi-tranche schedule. The meeting ends with State Changers: Come here gaining clarity on their next steps and expressing gratitude for the guidance provided.

(Source: Office Hours 8/7/2023 )

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