Connecting Xano Tables for Fuzzy Search and Multiple Codes

In this meeting, David discusses his need to connect a multi-part form to a Xano endpoint. He has Xano tables for business and naics codes, and he wants to enable fuzzy searches on the data in these tables. He asks for guidance on setting up the connection and handling the possibility of multiple naics codes for a business.

The State Changer suggests that David can connect the business table to the naics codes table using the ID field, and he can set the naics codes field to be a list that allows for multiple codes associated with a business. They also discuss the form and how users would enter their naics code. David explains that he has a link to an external source for looking up naics codes, and currently, the expectation is for users to type or copy-paste their code into the form. They then discuss the goal of allowing users to search the database for businesses based on naics codes. The State Changer suggests using two or three queries instead of complex joins or fuzzy searches across multiple tables. They recommend conducting a fuzzy search directly on the business table and then checking for a match in the naics codes table. The use of a third table to simplify the process is mentioned but not pursued further. It is suggested that this approach will be simpler and more effective, and any feedback from clients can inform future directions. Overall, the meeting focuses on connecting the form to the Xano tables, handling multiple naics codes, and implementing effective search functionality using two or three queries.

(Source: Office Hours 12/26 )

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