Creating a Calendar/History Table with Xano and Front-End Display Options

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the creation of a calendar table and a history table. The participant had a background in Power BI and wanted to create a calendar table to track events over time and show progress. The State Changers suggested creating a history table instead, which would track who did what and when. They recommended including fields for user ID and event description. They explained that Xano is focused on the back-end, while front-end display is a separate issue. They also discussed using the fetch API for asynchronous communication with the back-end. Additionally, the participant mentioned the idea of using AI to improve search queries and information retrieval, and the State Changers recommended exploring the OpenAI playground to experiment with prompt engineering. The meeting ended with a reminder about upcoming office hours sessions and the participant expressing gratitude for the help.

(Source: Office Hours 2/13 )

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