Creating a Custom Schedule System for Social Media Posts with Xano

During the meeting, the State Changer, Nathan, discusses his plan to build his own system for scheduling social media posts. He currently uses an API called Airshare but wants to move away from it due to some shortcomings. Nathan is unsure of how to implement the scheduling system on the Xano database.

The participants discuss the concept of queuing versus scheduling posts. They explore the idea of separating queuing and scheduling into two different concepts. The queuing system involves a list of posts that will go out at specific times based on the user's schedule. The scheduling system allows users to set specific times for their posts to go out. The State Changer raises questions about how to determine the next available slot in the queue and how to display scheduled posts in a chronological order. They also explore the possibility of using an API that focuses solely on scheduling and integrates with Xano. The participants discuss the importance of separating queuing and scheduling for clarity and ease of implementation. They also discuss the need for a unified output system that combines scheduled and queued posts into a single timeline view. The State Changer expresses some uncertainty and acknowledges that solving this problem may take some time. They express concerns about handling empty slots in the queue and consider different approaches, such as generating slots in advance or using a "days" logic in the database. The meeting concludes with the suggestion to focus on making the system work first and worrying about best practices later. The importance of testing and observing the system's behavior over time is emphasized, as time-related functionalities may require patience and observation. Overall, Nathan gains a better understanding of how to approach building his own scheduling system and receives guidance on handling the queuing and scheduling aspects of the system.

(Source: Office Hours 10/25 )

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