Creating a Function to Compare API Data for Underwriting Purposes

In this meeting, Scott discusses his progress with reworking the database tables. He has parsed out the data into separate tables and created a status table to track changes in the user. He mentions that user authentication and buy box logic will be addressed on Monday. Scott also explains his plan to compare data from different API endpoints in order to validate information. The team discusses the best approach, considering that the data is now stored in separate tables. They suggest creating a function that compares the necessary fields and returns whether manual verification is required. They discuss the structure of the tables and the use of an underwriter as another data source. The team agrees to create a separate table for the underwriter's data. They also discuss the workflow and the trustworthiness of the API data. Scott mentions that he needs to have more discussions with Chad to clarify certain aspects. He plans to work on front-end tasks in the meantime. The meeting concludes with David offering to help with user authentication in a future one-on-one session.

(Source: Office Hours 9/22 )

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