Creating a Function to Notify Users of Open Availabilities

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a complex problem related to notifying users about availabilities. The State Changers explained their function for querying records and finding availabilities that are open and connected to waitlists. They mentioned the need to notify the first user in the waitlist about the open availability. The State Changers discussed the challenge of finding not only the first availability, but also the ones that are connected to it. They suggested using data manipulation, loops, and functions to address this issue. They shared their progress on writing code to retrieve the relevant availabilities. The State Changers acknowledged the complexity of the situation but remained focused on solving the problem step by step. They acknowledged that decomposing the problem into smaller parts and solving them separately can lead to clearer solutions. They also discussed the importance of understanding the business logic and aligning the code with it. The meeting concluded with the State Changers planning their next steps and expressing their appreciation for each other's contributions.

(Source: Office Hours 11/30 )

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