Creating a Software as a Service for Land Investors: Building a SaaS system for land investors to find data by scraping real estate websites using Xano and Weweb

During the meeting, the State Changer (name not mentioned) shared their vision of creating a software as a service (SaaS) for land investors to find data that is not readily available on different sources. They discussed the challenges of scraping data from websites like Zillow and Redfin and the potential of building a SaaS system that can retrieve specific data based on user inputs.

The State Changer mentioned the technology stack they are considering, including Xano for the backend, Webflow for the frontend, Stripe for payment processing, and Zoho Subscriptions for subscription management. They also mentioned the possibility of using Flutter Flow for mobile app development. They shared their current progress with setting up the scraping tool using Appify and the need to retrieve specific data from different APIs. The State Changer discussed their database structure and API calls in Xano, seeking advice on how best to loop through the data and store it in the database. The State Changer then encountered a technical issue with their API request in Xano and received assistance in debugging the issue. They were guided through the process of checking the request and response parameters and making necessary adjustments. Towards the end of the meeting, the State Changer explored the idea of parallelizing the API calls and running them as background tasks. They also discussed the potential of using functions and Lambdas for more efficient processing. The State Changer expressed their willingness to continue learning and exploring alternative approaches to optimize their system. The meeting concluded with the State Changer expressing gratitude for the assistance received and their eagerness to participate in future office hours and utilize the forum for further support.

(Source: Office Hours 7/31/2023 )

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