Creating a User Favorites List and Relationship Table

The State Changers discussed the integration of user data into the Weweb platform. They discussed the need for users to be able to enter recommendations for places and have those recommendations associated with their user tag. They proposed creating a table called "user places" or "favorite places" that would contain a reference to the place and the user. It was suggested that a relationship table be created to handle this, as it allows for more flexibility in querying the data and connecting users and places. The State Changers mentioned three options for storing the data: in the users table, in the places table, or in a separate relationship table. They agreed that the relationship table would be the best option for their needs, as it allows for easy querying and accessing of the data. They also discussed the possibility of creating a separate favorites relationship table to display a person's favorites and show other people who have favorited the same place. The State Changers acknowledged that this solution may require more work initially, but it would be the most efficient when considering both use cases.

(Source: Bonus - Ray At Xano Office Hours 9/12/2023 )

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