Creating Customizable Spotify Embeds: Transferring from Bubble to Weweb

In this meeting, the State Changer, Adam, is seeking assistance with transferring functionality from his bubble app to Weweb. His goal is to create an editable iframe that takes user input in the form of a link, updates a variable, and extracts specific information from the link.

The State Changer discusses their progress so far, including setting up a variable in Weweb using JavaScript. However, they have encountered difficulties with updating the variable and extracting the desired information from the link. The other State Changer suggests using the URL class in JavaScript to extract the path from the link, as that is the relevant part. They walk the State Changer through making the necessary changes in the code to use the URL class and extract the desired path information. The State Changer also learns about the substring function in JavaScript, which can be used to further manipulate the extracted string if needed. After implementing the recommended changes, the State Changer tests the functionality and finds that it is working properly. They express their gratitude for the assistance and mention that they will now proceed to do the same for other platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube. Overall, this meeting provided helpful guidance on extracting specific information from a link and transferring functionality from one platform to another.

(Source: Office Hours 7/6/23 )

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