Creating Nonprofit Donations Buttons on Weweb with Stripe

In this meeting, the participants discussed the issue of setting up a donation button for non-profit organizations using Stripe and Webflow. The main focus was on understanding the webhook and API requests related to the button setup. It was determined that the non-profits should create their own Stripe accounts and set up their own buttons, while Help Austin only serves as a hosting service. The meeting also touched upon the importance of capturing the click event to track donations and ensure users contribute before accessing certain features. It was suggested that Help Austin could provide guidance to non-profits on setting up their buttons and offer support in understanding Stripe. The participants agreed that being "good enough" for their needs should be the goal, and there was reassurance that progress was being made in other areas, such as password validation in Webflow. The meeting ended with a reminder to continue supporting the progress of other participants.

(Source: Office Hours 7/10 )

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