Customizing File Names and Creating Attachments in Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss various tasks related to file naming, URL capture, and saving files in Xano. The main points of the discussion are:

1. The State Changer mentions the need to name a file based on a variable stored in a table entry. They plan to move the file name into a variable and incorporate it into the image when it's stored. 2. The State Changer also mentions the need to use a URL to pull a file into Xano. They refer to a previous issue where they were capturing the output, which turned out to be a time setting. They need to figure out how to extract the URL and retrieve the file. 3. They discuss a Shopify-related array that one of the State Changers was working on, but there seems to be a missing element regarding a single image that needs to be added to the table. 4. They decide to work on solving these tasks and one of the State Changers shares their screen to debug the code. They make adjustments to the code, such as changing the file name and fixing API calls. 5. They discuss options for dynamically naming the files using variables such as the plan name or ID from the table. 6. They successfully create a file resource with the desired file name using variables and test the functionality by downloading the file. 7. They confirm that the file is saved correctly in Xano and can be fetched from the front end. Overall, the meeting focused on resolving issues related to file naming and retrieval in Xano, and the participants successfully achieved their goals.

(Source: Office Hours 6/30 - Downloading and saving files from API Calls with Xano )

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