Debugging and Troubleshooting Put Request Error in Xano API

In this meeting, State Changer A was having issues with a PUT request and believed there was a bug with Xano, but it turned out that the bug was in their code. They were getting an input error code for a missing parameter in an authenticated request. State Changer B suggested enabling debugging and going through the API request, but the issue persisted. State Changer A explained that they needed the callback after updating a record in the database to check if it had been verified. They were unable to reach the desired pop-up screen and were experiencing further issues with the API request. State Changer B recommended rebuilding the code from scratch to eliminate any hidden bugs. State Changer A realized they accidentally deleted a record, which was causing some of the issues, but the problem persisted even after fixing it. State Changer B suggested starting anew as there seemed to be additional problems with the existing code. State Changer A considered changing the PUT request to a POST based on State Changer B's recommendation but agreed that it didn't make a significant difference in their case. They decided to stick with GET, POST, and DELETE requests for simplicity and readability. State Changer A expressed gratitude for the help received and assured that they would be ready for the next day.

(Source: Office Hours 2/20 )

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