Debugging Techniques for Flutter and APK Build Issues

In this meeting, the participant is seeking guidance on how to debug their code themselves. The meeting discusses different ways to debug code in Flutter, such as using log messages and viewing system log messages on the phone. It is mentioned that certain log messages, like memory leak issues, can be ignored as they are usually not relevant. The importance of understanding which issues are truly problematic is highlighted. The meeting also mentions that connecting to the native code in Android phones can provide greater insight, but it may not be necessary for debugging Flutter code specifically. The participant shares a specific issue related to downloading the APK from Flutterflow and mentions the use of a custom audio widget. It is suggested to check pub spec dependencies, update Flutterflow to stay compatible with newer versions of Flutter, and ensure that dependencies are not conflicting or too far ahead. The meeting concludes with a reminder to continue exploring and experimenting with debugging methods.

(Source: Office Hours 4/25 )

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