Debugging Xano Actions in Bubble for Weweb Project

In this meeting, the State Changer is seeking assistance with a project involving Bubble and Xano. They are experiencing an issue where a simple call from Zana as an action is not working properly. The State Changer shares their screen and explains the code they have written, highlighting that there are no errors but the action does not work. However, as they start showing it to the others, the action suddenly starts working. The State Changer and others discuss the headers and authorization, trying to identify the issue. They conclude that it might be a timing issue and suggest continuing to test while they move on to other matters. Another State Changer discusses their difficulties with getting the application side panel in the inspector to input their Xano off token. Overall, the meeting focuses on troubleshooting and finding solutions to the technical issues faced by the participants.

(Source: Office Hours 7/26/23 )

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