Debugging Xano API integration in Flutter using external dependencies

In this meeting, the participants discussed the process of adding external dependencies to a Flutter app. They mentioned the need to include a custom code in the Flutterflow system and to update the YAML file to save the external dependency. They talked about the importance of including external dependencies in the application, but acknowledged that there is no established rule book for it yet. They recommended starting with small steps and trying to bring the desired dependency into the Flutter scope to see how it can be integrated. They mentioned that the process might not work on mobile or web preview and suggested using Code Magic for testing. They also discussed the need to instrument the Dart part of the application and mentioned breaking the rule of modifying code below a certain line. Overall, they agreed to start by calling inside lines and see how far it gets them before exploring other options. They planned to continue the discussion in the next week's meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 5/26 )

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