Deciding between making API endpoints public or private: considerations, challenges, and best practices.

In this meeting, John discusses his concerns about his API endpoints being public versus private. He shares that currently all his endpoints are public but understands the need for authentication and privacy. He contemplates the workload and challenges of making all endpoints private and potentially rebuilding his application to accommodate this change. The group provides their feedback and insights. John considers transitioning to Flutter Flow and wonders if he should start over with a new Xano back end that has private endpoints. The State Changers address the benefits of private endpoints, including privacy, context, and security. They suggest that while it may not be necessary to change all endpoints immediately, it is a best practice for future versions and customer usage. They encourage John to focus on prototyping and learning from customer feedback to guide his decision-making. The meeting concludes with the suggestion to watch a mental model series on conceptualizing these issues. John finds the discussion helpful and gains clarity on his next steps.

(Source: Office Hours 6/22/2023 )

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