Developing Web Applications with Xano, Weweb, and Wized: Authentication, Endpoint Creation, and Token Generation

In this meeting, Evan discusses the progress he has made with setting up a cacao authentication system on a real site. He demonstrates the redirect code and shows his confusion about creating endpoints and querying parameters in Wizzed. George provides guidance on setting up query parameters in Wizzed and explains the process of obtaining access tokens for authentication. They discuss different methods for triggering actions on page load and determine that a dummy request can be used to accomplish this. They also touch on the importance of setting the authentication token in a cookie and provide suggestions for handling authentication and redirecting users. The participants run into some issues with the request not reaching Xano, and Ray shares a potential solution involving the remove method in jQuery. The meeting ends with a plan to continue working on integrating the cacao and Xano authentication systems and resolving the cookie issue.

(Source: Office Hours 1/25 )

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