Discussing Array Creation and Integration in Weweb and Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the issue of creating an array from a list of checkboxes in Weweb. Larry mentioned that he wanted a single output from the checkboxes instead of each checkbox having its own output. He considered creating his own collection list with two elements - a text pulled from his data and a checkbox - but was unsure if it was possible. Anthony suggested using a multiple choice dropdown, but Larry was not willing to compromise on having a list of checkboxes.

Larry then expressed confusion about how to create an array and how to populate it with the selected checkboxes. The State Changers discussed different approaches, including manually adding each checkbox as an element or using the backend to manipulate the data. They also mentioned the option of using Xano to handle the transformation from checkboxes to an array. Larry and Greg agreed that they would prefer to do the transformation in Xano, as it seemed better equipped for the job. They discussed adding boolean fields for each checkbox in the Xano API and using Xano's capabilities to handle the transformation. Larry expressed some concerns about having extra data in the tables, but Greg reassured him that it would only be in the API for a brief moment. The meeting ended with Larry expressing his appreciation for the help and mentioning his plan to host a build squad group to further discuss the issue. Greg offered his assistance, and they agreed to continue working together to find a solution.

(Source: Office Hours 2/8 )

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