Discussing Mobile Site Design and Animation for Image Display

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss the design of a mobile website's main page. The main focus is on whether or not to use animations and how to shift the proportions of the images when clicked on. Xano suggests utilizing Webflow's built-in animations and recommends checking out Webflow University for more information. However, he advises against relying on animations to drive the functionality of the site and suggests focusing on the core functionality first before adding any fancy elements. The group also discusses the structure of the mobile site and the importance of presenting necessary information to users without cleverly hiding it, as this may confuse them. They consider implementing a two-column grid display where users can scroll through images and trigger more information by tapping on a specific area of the image. Xano emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the functionality and user experience before adding any visual enhancements. He suggests involving a designer or UX expert to make the site snazzy once the core functionality is working. The meeting concludes with positive feedback and the State Changers expressing their gratitude.

(Source: Office Hours 7/15 )

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