Discussing Xano, s three, file management, and API integration

In this meeting, Nelson brings up an issue he was having with a variable called "transcript" and how it didn't work when he tried two options. He then shares his screen and shows that he was able to solve the problem by removing something from the variable. He mentions that the console doesn't show the usual information, so he asks about it. They discuss that the console logs were commented out, which is why it's not showing anything.

Nelson also has a question about extracting information using TextTrack. They discuss whether he should do it in the same workflow or if he should first add the information to the Xano database and then do another workflow for extraction. They consider whether TextTrack requires uploading the file or if it can just receive a URL reference. They talk about Xano's file storage system and how it is weaker compared to using services like s3. They suggest using Xano as an API endpoint and data router instead of relying on its file storage. Nelson mentions his concern about identifying files and suggests using the tenant ID plus the date as the file name in s3. They discuss using a UUID instead to maintain uniqueness and store the corresponding ID or key in the Xano database. In the end, they assure Nelson that they are there to help with any issues and encourage him to ask more questions in the future.

(Source: Office Hours 7/12/2023 )

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