Discussion on Adding Push Notifications to the App Store - Xano, PEM File, HTTP, Lambda, Environment Variables

In this meeting, the State Changer discusses their progress with testing a fully launched app on the App Store and expresses their desire to add push notifications. They are unsure of how to go about implementing this feature and request resources or web pages to read up on it. The State Changer mentions using a certificate and asks if they need to remove a PEM file. The other participant confirms that a certificate tunnel is required and suggests using environment variables in Xano to store the contents of the PEM file. They also explain the use of curl and offer to look into any questions or concerns the State Changer may have. The conversation concludes with plans to update a forum discussion and create a Lambda job script during office hours. The State Changer is advised to copy and paste the contents of the PEM file and the curl command into the forum. They inquire about the recording of the meeting, which will be available in an hour or two. The State Changer expresses gratitude for the support and looks forward to utilizing more State Changes.

(Source: Office Hours 4/10 )

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