Discussion on Validating and Warning Users about Changed Lines in an App

In this meeting, the main topic discussed is how to handle changes in product lines and communicate them to customers. The speaker mentions the idea of testing out the "happy path" and observing how competitors handle similar situations. They discuss whether it's better to communicate changes in product lines and keep the customer's original selection with the adjusted line or remove the changed line altogether.

They also mention the importance of preventing customers from accidentally making wrong decisions and the need for validation and warning systems. The speaker suggests having a separate endpoint for validation that can run more frequently and provide warnings in addition to errors. The topic of promotional pending lines is brought up, and the speaker wonders how to inform the front end (Flutterflow) that certain lines are promotional. They discuss using custom Dart code on the front end and implementing critical business logic on the back end for better control and protection against bad inputs. It is mentioned that the front end should handle the most common UX issues, while the back end should handle edge cases. This allows the front end to be simpler and focus on user experience. The meeting ends with the speaker expressing gratitude for the discussion and receiving guidance on how to proceed.

(Source: Office Hours 5/17 PM )

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