Discussion on Web Development Platforms and Password Reset Functionality

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the use of reusable elements in a platform. Carrie shared her experience with components and expressed her lack of trust in their functionality. She planned to reach out to West Wagner to inquire about his experience with them. The group suggested posting the question in the community to get input from others using the platform. They advised focusing on the present task at hand and recommended following the progress made by Carrie in the past week. The main issue discussed was the setup of two areas that required input for scaffolding. One area involved a password reset process, where users would receive a link to change their password. The other area was a double confirmation for setting a new password. The group discussed the possibility of using SendGrid for sending emails and suggested recording a key in the local database to ensure the validity of password reset requests. They also touched on future considerations regarding authentication. The group recommended watching video tutorials and following Carrie's progress to gain a better understanding of the process. They advised taking around 60 minutes to review the videos and then returning with any further questions.

(Source: Office Hours 2/1 )

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