Exploring AI-assisted code and comparing development environments

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed the difference between using a code sandbox and Visual Studio Code locally on your machine. They mentioned that while code sandbox is a convenient way to work, using Visual Studio Code locally allows for faster development and access to a wide range of Microsoft and GitHub plugins. They also highlighted the ability to test code locally across multiple windows and have multiple applications with interactivity. Visual Studio Code offers features like automatic support for prettier formatting and GitHub co-pilot, which provides AI-assisted code recommendations. The participants also noted the usefulness of intellisense for easily accessing information and options within the code editor. Having all the compute local to the machine and the ability to load plugins and utilities make Visual Studio Code a preferred choice. However, they acknowledged that code sandbox and other cloud-based alternatives are also popular for monitoring and hosting applications. The meeting also briefly mentioned Xano's code tools providing hosting and Netlify's role in providing uptime for deployed code while data management is handled by other backend services like Xano Lambos.

(Source: Office Hours 5/23 Extra: ReactJS )

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