Exploring alternatives to Bubble for real estate app development: Xano and Weweb discussed

The meeting was focused on discussing the limitations of using the Bubble app development platform and exploring alternative solutions. The participant explained that they have been building an app on Bubble but have encountered limitations and are exploring Web and Xano as alternatives.

They discussed the current state of the app, which is a data platform integrated with CRM for real estate. The participant mentioned that the CRM data is built in Bubble and the property data is coming from OpenSearch. The participant shared their experience with using Bubble for paginating data and stated that it is slow. They tried using Webflow and Xano to test if they can handle a large amount of data and improve performance. They discussed the specific features they are working on, such as displaying pins on a map, toggling columns in a table, and handling custom fields. They mentioned that they are unsure of the best way to implement these features in Webflow and asked for advice. The meeting also touched on performance considerations, such as the impact of the number of UI elements displayed and the use of pagination to improve performance. The participant mentioned that their backend developer prefers using AWS for data storage and expressed interest in understanding how Xano and S3 interact. They asked for guidance on how to store and deliver large amounts of data efficiently. The meeting concluded with the participant expressing their plan to consider a middle ground approach that involves reconfiguring the Bubble app to have all data external and using Weweb for front-end development. They discussed the advantages of this approach in terms of maintenance and scalability. Overall, the meeting revolved around addressing technical limitations, exploring alternative solutions, and discussing the best approach for the participant's app development project.

(Source: Office Hours 3/20 )

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