Exploring API Integration Challenges and Evaluating Alternatives to Webflow

During the meeting, David discusses his need to delete files using the Uploadcare API. He explains that he has a function to delete files, but is unsure about certain parameters and headers required by the API. The State Changer suggests looking at the Uploadcare API documentation to understand the necessary headers and parameters, specifically the authorization and accept headers. They provide guidance on how to set up these headers in Xano using environment variables. They also discuss the possibility of using Xano and Stripe for subscription management and transactions. David mentions his dissatisfaction with Webflow's CMS and explores the idea of using a different platform that is more focused on mobile and app development. The State Changer encourages David to consider alternative platforms and suggests setting a time limit for exploring each platform before making a decision. The meeting concludes with a reminder to focus on progress rather than getting stuck in a challenging task. The next meeting is planned for the following week.

(Source: Office Hours 8/26 )

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