Exploring Challenges with JavaScript Code and CSS Integration

In this meeting, the State Changer (meeting participant) discussed their exploration into an issue with JavaScript code. They mentioned looking at the JavaScript code in the first slide and identified that there was a calc(100%) calculation causing a problem. The State Changer observed that when they unchecked the height 100% calculation, the div expanded to its full height. They concluded that the issue was related to a slide problem and expressed uncertainty about how to address it.

They mentioned two possible workarounds: setting a maximum height for the text box or implementing overflow with scroll bars. However, they acknowledged that modifying the JavaScript code was challenging because it involved inserting code into the webpage through JavaScript. The State Changer proposed three options to address the issue. The first option was to modify the source code by tweaking a specific line. The second option was to use jQuery to override the style tag created by the JavaScript code. The third option was to accept the limitations of the current tool (Splied) and consider using a different tool if it didn't meet their requirements. They mentioned that there were other tools available for this purpose. The State Changer expressed a desire to make progress quickly but admitted they were unfamiliar with putting code in their own GitHub repository. They decided to handle the issue by reducing the size of the text to make it fit. The meeting concluded with the suggestion for George to continue with his tasks.

(Source: Office Hours 1/3 )

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