Exploring Chat Integration Solutions: Xano, Weweb, Twilio, and More

In this meeting, Anthony and Kim discuss the integration of chat functionality for customer support. Anthony is looking for a solution that includes one-on-one and group chat for customers, as well as the potential for live streaming workshops. He has looked into various tools like Circle, Adam Chat, Pusher, and Xano but has not found the right fit yet. Kim suggests considering a combination of tools, such as Twilio for user-to-user communication and Zendesk or Intercom for customer service. Kim also advises Anthony to explore demo sites to see if there is a solution that matches his requirements. They discuss the trade-off between higher-level services that offer more control and lower-level tools that require more development. Anthony expresses his desire for a comprehensive solution but is open to using multiple applications if necessary. They agree that further investigation is needed to determine the best approach.

(Source: Office Hours 8/31/2023 AM )

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